• Research your target market. It’s never about you, and it’s always about them. Thorough market research is something that should be present not just in the promotional items strategy, but in ALL marketing strategy. This is the very foundation of your campaign and must be done.
  • Research and evaluate events where you can find your target market. Researching your target market should have given you enough info to develop a segment for them based on their geographic, demographic, and psychographic classifications. You should then find and utilize the best event that your segment is most likely be attending or joining.
  • You are then ready to choose and design promotional items to fit your market, event, and brand. Choose the appropriate promotional product to fit your targeted segments needs. Make sure you have the appropriate design to send the message to your target audience. (ie. logos, visual messages, call to action)
  • Make an effective plan to distribute your promotional items. Whether it is a booth at an event or via direct mail, you want to attract attention, distribute to the right people and deliver your message. Gather information, such as contact details, while distributing your promotional items is also a useful tool.
  • Keep your newly gathered information organized. A strong marketing strategy depends on organization and utilization of this information to help determine the ROI of your efforts.
  • Finally, be sure to call and follow-up on your gathered leads. If you fail to do so, you will never know the opportunities you are missing.

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